WoRMeR Deluxe is a search action (or metroidvania) game about a living anti-virus program exploring a maze­-like computer system to recover important files from the four malevolent boss viruses dwelling inside.  Find a variety of power ups that increase your mobility, and allow further exploration into the depths of the system.

This game is a remake of one I made a few years ago, and matches my original vision much better.  I don't recommend it, but if you'd like to see the original, it can be found here.

Free demo is available in browser, so give it a shot!


  • Move Left and Right with the arrow keys (D-Pad).
  • Jump with Z (Bottom Face Button).
  • Attack with X (Left Face Button) when unlocked.
  • Shield with Down+X (Down + Left Face Button) when unlocked.
  • Flip Gravity with C (Right Face Button) when unlocked.
  • Spawn a Block with S (Top Face Button) when unlocked.
  • Move the spawned Block with A and S (Left and Right Bumpers).
  • ??? with W (Select).

This game supports controllers!  (SNES-style at minimum)

The music and sound effects are by Promtastik, who can be found here.   Please support his music, he did a wonderful job!  Buy the soundtrack for WoRMeR Deluxe here!

Title screen and Morgan close-up art are by 773tk, who can be found here.  She also makes cool stuff here.

- Version 1.1 Changes -

  • Added QuietCave splash screen
  • Fixed game icons to not show Godot logo at certain sizes
  • Fixed bug where lava animation would be out of sync
  • Fixed collision with enemies, player can no longer be pushed into floor, vice versa
  • Added proper transitions between levels based on where player came from
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Metroidvania, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art, Remake, Retro, search-action


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this is great. Amazing soundtrack, bright fun artwork, and really fun gameplay!


This is a really cute game.  I really loved it.

Thank you!

can't start game

Did you get an error message or anything?  Make sure you have the pck file in the same directory as the exe

Game download isn't working for me

You have to pay $3 to download the full game, if you want to play the demo, it's only in the browser.  Just click run game and give it some time to load and press z to start it.


Found the final boss and only had the attack powerup :X

This is only a demo of the first area!  That was just the first boss, the rest will be in the final version.


Great 8-bit game. Love the visuals and gameplay. 

Thank you!